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No trophies for broken hearts


I am not a cynical. I am just here to tell those who want to know the truth about the “finding mr. Right” crap.

1. If u r independent woman, u r likely to either mother a guy into marriage or take custody over the kids after your very short marriage.

2. Guys who have treated you like dirt, genuinely didn’t give a damn about you. The second they turned their back on you, they immediately took a step towards the next girl.

3. Men need you to set firm red lines around you, or else you fall into the slut category. That is even if he’s saying that u r the most redeeming angel he has ever known.

4. That guy that didn’t take a second look at you, probably saw you and he thinks that you are not worth it. Quit pretending that it would have been any different if he wasn’t busy texting his friends. It’s pathetic.

5. If he walks away, then he thinks you are not good enough. That is even if he is saying that he left you only because it is what’s best for you. When a guy starts the “I am killing your dreams babe” speech, do me a favor and punch him in the face because that’s probably the last time you’ll get a chance to do it.


Loving someone for who they are



I found this post today. I am quite happy to have found something that explains what I’ve been thinking about the past few months. I am grateful to the person who taught me that I am lovable the way I am. I am still alone but at least I think next time I won’t settle for someone belittling who I really am.