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Within the Ugly Truth Lies Hope


I’ve had an interesting journey through my past in around 12 days in Egypt. I have came to know things about people I cared about and I’ve managed to reach to a lot of memories I have left behind. Some of the things I found out were sad and ugly. I realized that one of the people I cared most about was basically a cheat and maybe even a joke. I have realized that some of the most disturbing assumptions I made about a girl was true. I had predicted that a girl which was a friend of a guy who had a girlfriend was trying to make a move on him. And I was right. As much as it hurts me to realize that the truth can be predictably nasty, I still felt some sort of a sense of achievement and peace. I realized that there is more to dark and light than sequence. It is not a fact that when it gets dark, light must come. Light will come when it is needed most and when it is best for it come. If it hurts, hold your breath. It will get better because Allah is the best planner. Your suffering might not make sense to you, but there is always kindness in every ache. I can always be worse and this is the fact we all know. The ugliness is predictable. We all know that the brutality of this world is endless. Within accepting this ugly truth, lies hope for a better tomorrow and for less pain in the next sunrise.

May we all live, not just survive.


Girls’ Logic if Reversed


So, men complain that women usually hook up with guys who ignore them, leaving men who actually like them ignored. I hear you on that. I thought it was the dumbest thing a woman can do. Why go for the jerk and leave the good guys!!

Through experience, I have realized the real reason behind that. Simply, dating the “Good Guy” is actually much more painful than dating a jerk. If you dateĀ  a jerk, he will ignore you a lot. When you break up with a jerk, you will feel nothing but relieved. If you date the good guy, welcome to hell. You will actually fall for him and when he leaves- and trust me a lot of the good guys leave as well. You will end up with a smashed potatoes heart. You will find yourself feeling empty while remembering all the great things you used to do with him.

Jerks give women fake relationships, which are easy to get over. Good men give women real relationships, which leaves you with a lot of thoughts about killing yourself.

Dear men, before you start complaining about what women do, ask yourself if you really love that girl or is she also just a challenge to you?

And more over, good guys as well go for bitches, while ignoring “good women” just because they don’t look like supermodels. And it is perfectly excusable by different societies. Most women go for jerks because they have money or looks or whatever. Both ways, both genders do the same mistakes. Don’t pin it on women alone.

The “Girls’ Logic” sort of posts doesn’t really piss me off, but I can’t stop thinking that they are not funny.

Hopefully Old: Why does our elderlies in the Middle East give up too soon?

It's not the bike that is tangled up; it is us who get tangled up in our regrets.

It’s not the bike that is tangled up; it is us who get tangled up in our regrets.

In the Europe and the West in general, you find men and women in a very old age still moving forward. They are still working on their health, money and social life even though they don’t seem to have so many years to live anyway. In the West, old people retire and wait for death by 45. I personally hear my mother already say the horrifying statement of “What is left in my life is less than what I’ve leaved already”. She had already been throwing that at me for the past 10 years, even though she is barely 50! Why is the first day of your life better than the last? We are born weak and we die weak. What is the difference? Live it all. Give every day and every age its importance. It’s beautiful to be old and wise as much as it is beautiful to be young and energetic. Life is hard, but it only gets harder when you give up. Tomorrow is always a new day even if you are 70. Make full use of your time on earth, don’t leave any leftovers.