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No trophies for broken hearts


I am not a cynical. I am just here to tell those who want to know the truth about the “finding mr. Right” crap.

1. If u r independent woman, u r likely to either mother a guy into marriage or take custody over the kids after your very short marriage.

2. Guys who have treated you like dirt, genuinely didn’t give a damn about you. The second they turned their back on you, they immediately took a step towards the next girl.

3. Men need you to set firm red lines around you, or else you fall into the slut category. That is even if he’s saying that u r the most redeeming angel he has ever known.

4. That guy that didn’t take a second look at you, probably saw you and he thinks that you are not worth it. Quit pretending that it would have been any different if he wasn’t busy texting his friends. It’s pathetic.

5. If he walks away, then he thinks you are not good enough. That is even if he is saying that he left you only because it is what’s best for you. When a guy starts the “I am killing your dreams babe” speech, do me a favor and punch him in the face because that’s probably the last time you’ll get a chance to do it.


Girls’ Logic if Reversed


So, men complain that women usually hook up with guys who ignore them, leaving men who actually like them ignored. I hear you on that. I thought it was the dumbest thing a woman can do. Why go for the jerk and leave the good guys!!

Through experience, I have realized the real reason behind that. Simply, dating the “Good Guy” is actually much more painful than dating a jerk. If you dateĀ  a jerk, he will ignore you a lot. When you break up with a jerk, you will feel nothing but relieved. If you date the good guy, welcome to hell. You will actually fall for him and when he leaves- and trust me a lot of the good guys leave as well. You will end up with a smashed potatoes heart. You will find yourself feeling empty while remembering all the great things you used to do with him.

Jerks give women fake relationships, which are easy to get over. Good men give women real relationships, which leaves you with a lot of thoughts about killing yourself.

Dear men, before you start complaining about what women do, ask yourself if you really love that girl or is she also just a challenge to you?

And more over, good guys as well go for bitches, while ignoring “good women” just because they don’t look like supermodels. And it is perfectly excusable by different societies. Most women go for jerks because they have money or looks or whatever. Both ways, both genders do the same mistakes. Don’t pin it on women alone.

The “Girls’ Logic” sort of posts doesn’t really piss me off, but I can’t stop thinking that they are not funny.