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Apologies do not repair, they recreate.



You damn Asians! Your obsession with morals changed even the most basic laws of reality. We all know that “when the paper is scribbled up, it can’t be perfect again”, said Linkin Park. But, when you are Asian, when the paper is scribbled up, there is a chance to make something even more creative just right there. This idea might have just changed my life forever. Stop trying to hide the scars people. Wear your scars with pride and draw around them. Use your past experiences with no shame. Identifying something as scribbled up is our do. It’s not true unless we believe so. An angel once told me that the cup is not half full and half empty. It’s all full. It’s just filled with 2 things that have uses at different times. Be proud of yourself and wear your deepest secrets on your sleeves. It’ll look better than a fake attempt to be something you are not which includes attempting to look perfect.

Live your life; don’t just survive it.