The Ringback Tone reminds me of…


I hate the ringback tone. I know that the person who invinted it meant well, but I just hate it. It signifies to me every call that went unanswered. It reminds me of disrespectful men who don’t have the decency to pick up their phone. It reminds me of all those friends which chose to do other things instead of supporting me. It reminds me of calling people whom promised to be here but were late. I hate the hope it gives me that this person will pick up. I wish it didn’t ring…

I am feeling super depressed.


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  1. I really agree how people sometimes are so rude to pick up the phone, in a way that confuse you about why they are doing so! I hate it when someone promise me to be on my side all the time, and when I need him/her the phone answers ” the person you are calling is currently unavailable, please try later” or ever the ring back tones as it replies ” please close the phone, this person will never answer you!” , it is such a shame, and a waste of spending time with people that you think they will be supportive someday ! but here is my advice, call once and ignore if they did not reply, because you will never now what is better for you, and if they did not call back, that thing is better for you to stay away from him/her.

    Aisha Alkuwari ( your reauters’ friend.. )
    Nanoom Log ( my facebook account )

    Nice post keep posting things like that

    • I have to admit Aisha, I love how you composed your comment. You are a far cooler person when you type in English. Keep commenting please! And you are totally right. I came to the same conclusion quite a long time ago, but the disappointment never really fades away. Every time someone does it, no matter how old or smart you are, it will still hurt a bit.

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