I found Mr. Right, but…


We all go through years and years of search for Mr/Mrs right, but we never think of the most sadistic possibility. What if we find them, but they don’t want to or can’t stay? Where would that leave us?… no where.  You will just simply lose the reason you keep moving forward every day. You become a rude/ cruel person, because being nice won’t make any sense to you anymore.

We all have this belive that mr/mrs right will have to stay. If they are the ones, they will always be with us. But haven’t you ever wondered about those men and women who have tried to stay in our lives even though we barely enjoy their company? Is staying really a criteria for being the one?… I don’t think so. There wouldn’t be any miserable people in the world. I think that misery is born when you meet those who generate beautiful feelings within you and then leave. The purest and the darkest misery is born from the purest kind of happiness.

Where is the hope in that? I am not sure. I think watching a dream you held on to for long die is worse than seeing a human sole die.

I guess this time I can only caution you from being too determined to find something now.

Be understanding towards rude people. You never know how their dreams were masscared.


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  1. Maybe we live with the hope that fate will do its thing, that u will be mr. right’s mrs. right. Because really we just want something to look forwards to or what meaning would life have ?

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