There is hope: Women Only Spaces are not a topic of repression only.


Today, I was impressed to find in my search through Naomi Wolf’s articles that she had written about women only spaces. In the Middle East, we see women only spaces as a mean of repression. Usually, parents who have low faith in their girls’/boys’ behavior are those who push their sons and daughters into separated gender schools. These schools are usually associated with being boring and depressing. Some people have went to the extreme of saying that it is not a healthy environment for women specially because they grow up to be too shy to deal with the market.

She raised a simple point where the East and West meets. She said that there is a a fine line between healthy separation where women and men can explain themselves among their gender and unhealthy separation that is illogical and leads to the same effect of the masculinity of some societies. The point she is making is that women don’t want to create feminine societies; only a balanced one.

This article gave me hope that we as Arabs are really not that far from normal. Seeing that the West discusses the same issues as we do makes me realize that we are not that far behind. The beam of light I see here is through those who are ready to connect between the two worlds. I am hoping we can benefit and catch up. Lets keep moving forward, we can catch up.




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