Hopefully Old: Why does our elderlies in the Middle East give up too soon?

It's not the bike that is tangled up; it is us who get tangled up in our regrets.

It’s not the bike that is tangled up; it is us who get tangled up in our regrets.

In the Europe and the West in general, you find men and women in a very old age still moving forward. They are still working on their health, money and social life even though they don’t seem to have so many years to live anyway. In the West, old people retire and wait for death by 45. I personally hear my mother already say the horrifying statement of “What is left in my life is less than what I’ve leaved already”. She had already been throwing that at me for the past 10 years, even though she is barely 50! Why is the first day of your life better than the last? We are born weak and we die weak. What is the difference? Live it all. Give every day and every age its importance. It’s beautiful to be old and wise as much as it is beautiful to be young and energetic. Life is hard, but it only gets harder when you give up. Tomorrow is always a new day even if you are 70. Make full use of your time on earth, don’t leave any leftovers.


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  1. I imagine your mother is from a different generation and she’s used to more traditional roles in society. It’s hard to change your mind and start thinking like a westerner, if you grew up in the east. (I’m from Russia, so I can relate to that)
    Still, with time and your help she’ll adapt. Having someone with your spirit helps!

    • Thanks Nikita. I guess my Mum does come from a social background that made her this way. But, she really pulled herself out of a lot of social norms already in how she brought me and my sisters up. Tho, your comment triggered a question in my head: “How can an old person go against the norms?” Thanks for your comment.

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  3. Reblogged this on qustlife and commented:
    I love the fact that she is trying to convey the message about how the middle eastern people see age as a big deal, and how they feel that the older you are the closer to death so you must leave everything and wait until you age is gone. However. these concepts must be changed, in order to live our life day by day, and never waste it in something that is ridiculous , because we never know when our last breathe will be.

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